This is a class where anyone can freely learn Japanese and enjoy conversation
  水曜日(すいようび) 19:00〜20:30
   一橋大学(ひとつばしだいがく)小平(こだいら)キャンパス 国際(こくさい)交流(こうりゅう)プラザ → Map
   月会費(つきかいひ) 200(えん)
  (もう)()み  「お()()わせ(contact)」へ メールします。
         例 名前(なまえ)連絡先(れんらくさき)(Mail Address) 

 We support:
  Those who need to learn advanced Japanese
  Those who need to learn how to write papers
  Those who want to have free conversation
 We offer learning-assistance for individual needs!

 every Wednesday 7:00-8:30p.m.
 For participation please enter your name, E-mail address and comment at 「お問い合わせ
 (contact)」. A staff member will reply back.
 Monthly fee : 200 yen
 at Hitotsubashi Univ. Kokusai Koryu Plaza → Map

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